Bible study GROUPS

A Bible study group is a small community of people who share life together for the sake of growing spiritually, serving through the church, and advancing the gospel through disciple making. 

Our goal is to encourage each other in our faith journey, as we share and reach our family, friends and neighbors with the gospel message . We want to offer men and women engaging Bible study, support, fellowship, and relationships.  In doing so, we want to help everyone meet the challenges of being a husband, wife, mother, father, friend, co-worker, and homemaker in today’s world.

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM prior to our time of worshiping together.  Please join us as we grow in the Word and as Christ followers.

Below are the Adult Bible Study classes available on Sunday Morning:

CLASS NAME                        TEACHER                                  CURRICULUM

Abel Class                             Jerry Hubbard                        Teaching the Bible

College & Career Class       David Long                              The Gospel Project

Joy Class                              Cheryl Foust                            Bible Studies for Life

Paul Class                            Edgar Rodriguez                      The Gospel Project

Shamgar Class                    Levi Conn                                 The Gospel Project

Timothy Class                     Todd Schaefer                         The Gospel Project

For more info, contact Chris Wilson at or (205)426-1910.