Riverside christian

Riverside Christian Academy (RCA) provides a way for families in our church and community to educate their children in compliance with state guidelines, educate their children in a way that is above reproach, and assisting parents in providing a well rounded education for their children.

RCA's Mission Statement
To meet the needs of Christian Parents who have prayerfully chosen to educate their children at home and to provide ways in which these families have access to, and opportunity for educational excellence for their children, to coordinate with families to provide activities for a well-rounded educational experience, all from a Christian perspective.
To provide a way in which such families may begin or continue home education within the limits of the law of the State of Alabama.
To provide an accountability system through which such families may begin or continue home education in such a way that is above reproach.
To provide a support system for home educating families so that they may help one another as they seek to educate their children.

Item                                 Fee
Application                         $15
Registration                        $50
Tuition                               $250 (or 2 payments of $130 or 4 payments of $65)
Re-enrollment fee               $20
Returned Check Fee            $25
Late Fee                             $10 (tuition past due 10 days)

Here is a list of benefits of RCA:
We file all required forms and record keeping.
We file high school transcripts.
We offer field trips.
We offer Standardize testing yearly.
We offer school pictures and yearbooks.
We offer High School Graduation.

On campus classes are offered for a fee:
Drivers Ed
The above list is ALL high school math, science, history, english courses

RCA Requirements
Teaching parent must be a Christian.
Family must be in regular attendance in a local fellowship of believers.
Statement of Faith must be read and signed.
Teacher must attend all required meetings.
Attendance records must be kept and turned in at the end of school year.
Curriculum Plan Form must be filed on each student.

Contact Terri Gossett at 205-937-0440 or terri@rbchelena.org for more info.